Almalomb Coffee Contract Manufacturing Services

Certified premium private label organic coffee, roasted to order – and packaged with your own logo or custom design. It’s possible, with private labelling from AlmalombCoffee! Private label coffee helps build your brand while expanding your product offerings – it also makes a great corporate gift.


Why Private Label Coffee?

Private labelling coffee is an effective way to elevate your brand as well as boost recognition and build your customer base. It’s ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, airlines, grocery and convenience stores and many more types of businesses. It is also a perfect corporate gift to recognize employees or business partners.

Here at AlmalombCoffee, we provide an easy, affordable way to customize each aspect of your private label coffee for business. Not only can you choose from our variety of single-origin, blended and flavoured coffees, but you can also tailor the packaging to fit your vision and successfully promote your brand.

Coffee Contract Manufacturing Service


If you’re ready to scale your coffee brand to the next level, then it’s time to partner with AlmalombCoffee. As a premier coffee contract manufacturer, we roast, grind, and package coffee to your specifications. We understand that choosing a coffee contract manufacturing service is a big decision. After all, you want to work with a company that cares about your brand’s success as much as you do. Our passion, hard work, and state-of-the-art infrastructure make us the perfect choice for those looking to grow their brand. Whether you’re a buyer for a recognized brand or a small organization with a strong local presence, let the experts at AlmalombCoffee take care of all your contract manufacturing needs. Learn what makes us the best choice for your coffee manufacturing partner below.

Choosing a private label coffee manufacturing company to work with is a big decision but an essential one. Coffee contract manufacturing saves you time and money, letting you focus on the success of your business. When you’re choosing a private label coffee manufacturer, work with a company that offers:

- A fully equipped facility. A state-of-the-art facility helps to reduce your expenses, saving you money with less overhead costs. A fully equipped facility also saves you time. Everything you need for your coffee brand will happen in one location, so there’s no shipping back and forth between manufacturers.

- Experience in the industry. Work with a coffee manufacturing company that has experience in the industry. They’ll have a team of experts available at every stage of the development and manufacturing process that understands coffee.

- Shorter lead times. Time is money, and your private label coffee manufacturer should value your time. Partner with a manufacturer that has shorter lead times than the competition. With quicker turnover from your manufacturer, you’ll meet your customers’ expectations for consistent service.

- Quality coffee. If you want to work with a coffee manufacturer that will roast your green coffee, or source and roast the coffee for you, you want it to be high-quality. You’ll want bean and roast varieties that meet your exact specifications without compromise.

- Consistency. Choose a coffee manufacturing and packaging company that provides consistency. Dependability in the competitive coffee industry requires developing a high level of consistency with your products.

At AlmalombCoffee, we offer these benefits and plenty more so that you choose the best private label coffee supplier. You’ll see our dedication to quality in everything we do, especially in our products and services.


When you partner with us as your private label coffee manufacturer, you can select from a range of quality services, which can be ordered separately or in any combination:


This white label coffee manufacturing service uses our beans based on our recipes or your specifications. Send us samples of your coffee and our sensory team will create a benchmark to match it.



If you source your own coffee and have green beans to be roasted, select our toll roasting services. You’ll get all the contract packaging and manufacturing options we provide with other private label coffee manufacturing services for a customized experience that meets your specs. Our expert roasters will transform your green coffee beans into quality products that deliver the consistent results you expect.


Do you have your own roasted coffee and need contract packaging services? Our coffee co-packaging services include aluminum and Zero Impact home compostable capsules for Nespresso coffee machines, and bags for beans and ground coffee. Whatever you need, we’ll package it to your specifications. You’ll get consistent results with our co-packing services. Our packaging features high oxygen barriers and infusion of nitrogen to protect the flavor and freshness of your coffee, and ensures your customers get the best quality coffee possible.


Guarantee the quality standards of your coffee manufacturing with our lab services. Test for repeatable roast performance with moisture content measurement, Agtron roast color analysis, use commercial scales, or determine grind consistency with particle size analysis. Whatever lab services you need, you’ll be on your way to confirming internal, third-party supplier, or contract manufacturer performance.


We also offer SCA training to make sure your carefully produced coffee is brewed in the best possible way.

Turn ideas into reality!

Superb coffee, our capsules and your Private Label

Choose your capsule

We will help you to identify the type of capsule and the range of products that best suit your needs.

Choose your blend

We will study the perfect blends to make your brand unique and appealing.

We can offer you a variety of blends for coffee with the taste and aroma you like best, ready-made, or tailor-made recipes according to your needs. Below you can find an example table of the blends we offer.










Spice it up

If you fancy giving a kick to your private label coffee capsules, consider adding flavors, spices, vitamins, minerals or nootropics by using our aroma adding system. Bring your own recipe or check what we can offer.

Test and choose from our samples

Prior to serial production we always prepare prototype products using our lab equipment to define the best parameters for a recipe which will bring the best outcome in the cup. You can then test and choose from our samples which product you like the most. Thanks to our standardized processes we will ensure the same outcome during the serial production.

Choose your packaging

We can propose different types of packaging in numerous sizes and create highly distinctive graphics on request. As a co-packer, we offer a variety of formats for both capsules, coffee beans and ground coffee. For small-batch private label Nespresso®* capsules, we can offer a range of cartons: 10 or 150 pieces in a box. All our cartons are designed in such a way that the capsules occupy the smallest possible volume. This is an elegant solution that also makes transporting the products more efficient.

Complete customization

Each pack is customized with the graphics provided by you, based on your own brand identity. On request, we can help you to create the graphics for your own packaging through our graphics agency: a truly customized service.

Capsules | Available pack sizes


ALUMINUM CAPSULES | 10, 150 capsules in a box



Not Only Private Label Capsules

Extraordinary coffee produced with absolute care, bean by bean

Are you interested in another format besides private label biodegradable coffee capsules? Discover all the options available.

Obtaining a high-quality bean coffee requires meticulous attention and care in every single step of the process, from the selection of the plantations to serving the cup. The coffee beans, of the Arabica or Robusta variety, are selected by our experts, following our and SCA standards. Once the different varieties of beans arrive at our plant, they undergo a thorough analysis in order to guarantee their specific weight, moisture content, and suitable olfactory and visual characteristics. Once all the tests have been passed, the private label coffee beans are ready for the roasting, blending and packaging stages.


The moment the ripe bean enters the roasting phase is when it acquires the aroma and fragrance that characterize the taste of coffee in the cup. It is a crucial process during which the quality of the product is guaranteed, which is why our technicians follow the beans inside the roasting machines step by step.

The blending process

During the blending phase of the different varieties of beans, our passion and experience lead to the creation of unique recipes made with the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. These blends result in espresso with an unforgettable flavour and are created for those who want to experience the pleasure of freshly brewed coffee.

A variety of blends for coffee with the taste and aroma you like the best









Test and choose from our samples

Prior to serial production we, as your private label coffee manufacturer, always prepare prototype products using our lab equipment to define the best parameters for a recipe that will bring the best outcome in the cup. You can then test and choose from our samples which product you like the most. Thanks to our standardized processes we will ensure the same outcome during the serial production.


Ground Coffee

The Mokka coffee pot is capable of releasing that unmistakable aroma of good, freshly brewed coffee, an ancient gesture, a tradition that we cannot do without. A perfect cup of coffee, however, requires top-quality ground coffee that has been carefully and meticulously processed. After grinding, coffee deteriorates much faster than beans if exposed to the air, which is why it is important that the packaging process takes place promptly and with all the necessary care. Our technologies and experience in the processing of ground coffee guarantee a product of the highest quality.


Coffee beans are ground in different ways, depending on the extraction method. In addition to coffee for Moka pots, we also produce recipes and grain sizes that are perfect for filter coffee.


After blending, the coffee is ready to be packaged. The packaging is chosen by you from our range of formats. Our packaging is completely airtight and always guarantees that the beans are isolated from the external environment, which could impair the aroma. For coffee beans, we offer bags, and you can choose whether to insert a 'freshness seal' to close the bag after use. For ground coffee, we can produce soft packs or vacuum packs.

Complete customization

Each pack is customized with the graphics provided by you, and you are free to develop your own brand identity. On request, we can help you to create the graphics for your own packaging through our graphics agency: a truly customized service.

Coffee beans & ground coffee | Available pack sizes


With aroma seal | 100g, 250g coffee in a bag

With aroma valve | 1000g coffee in a bag

Sustainable and Organic Private Label Coffee Manufacturing Services

As responsible private label coffee manufacturers we treat sustainability in a holistic manner; our aim is to create and distribute value starting from responsible sourcing, through packaging design, to materials used in the production process. We carefully evaluate each step to minimize environmental impact, and consider social and economic impact, while offering outstanding quality, simplicity, and ease of use. Our process is transparent and can be traced through the value chain.

We are on the constant look for farms that are certified as organic or follow Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance principles to ensure. We particularly appreciate working with organizations, like the Indonesian Orangutan Project, that are involved in local community and nature preservation initiatives. We believe that all participants in the chain shall benefit from the value created, hence our products and processes are honest and transparent.


We promote the use of packaging made from sustainable materials. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for solutions that on the one hand fulfil customer requirements and on the other move in the direction of greater environmental awareness.

We offer industrial compostable bags and ecological ink for beans and ground coffees. Our private label Zero Impact coffee capsules are fully home compostable, just like the carton boxes, ink and glue used for secondary and packaging used for logistics. Our biomass-based capsules decompose in 26 weeks in a home environment. If you select biowaste separately you can home compost it like any vegetable-based biowaste. If you live in an apartment or have no composting possibility, you can treat it as landfill waste, and it will decompose at the waste treatment facility. The aluminium capsules are fully recyclable if selected as separate waste. Our packaging design aims to eliminate hazardous or non-compostable components and minimize the usage of unnecessary materials.

Furthermore, we have selected the latest solutions for packaging of coffee beans, switching from triple packaging (plastic - aluminium - plastic) to industrial compostable packaging. We also offer fully recycled paper boxes, and the creation of maxi formats for certain products and customers - for example, packs of 150 Nespresso®* compatible capsules, which use less paper than a pack of 10.

We use FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cartons with the responsible forest management label ensuring that the paper raw material used for packaging comes from forest sources that are correctly managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Our coffee processing facility

We are located in Pecs, South - West Hungary with an industrial coffee processing facility. We have sought out the best professionals and technology from Italy to offer you the best quality product available. Our plant is equipped with a coffee roaster, a Nespresso compatible encapsulation machine with the ability to add flavors to the coffee capsules and different industrial coffee grinders. We operate our own nitrogen gas generator used for packaging to enhance the preservation of aromas and we heat our roaster from our on-site gas tank to secure standard gas quality. Our plant is equipped with coffee testing laboratory equipment to measure roast intensity and grind size.