6*14 Classic coffee caps pack
  • 6*14 Classic coffee caps pack

6*14 Classic coffee caps pack

About this coffee

The package contains: 2 x Wake Up!, 2 x Tuk-Tuk Samba and 2 x Almalomb #2 coffee capsule boxes, with a total of 6 x 14 Zero Impact home compostable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. We also recommend our decaffeinated Falso Colombiano capsule as a supplement!

Start your morning with a strong Wake Up! coffee from Vietnam, then after lunch try our India/Brazil blend. And if you like a real classic milk chocolate flavored espresso in the afternoon, go for our lower caffeine, 100% Arabica, Almalomb #2 coffee from Brazil. If you also drink coffee in the evening, or are caffeine sensitive, check out our recommendation at the bottom of the page and order our Falso Colombiano decaffeinated coffee made with natural cane sugar!

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