6*14 Explorer coffee caps pack
  • 6*14 Explorer coffee caps pack

6*14 Explorer coffee caps pack

About this coffee

The pack contains 2 x Orangutan, 2 x Ethiopian Sidamo and 2 x Almalomb #2 coffee capsule boxes, with a total of 6 x 14 Zero Impact home compostable Nespresso compatible coffee caps. We also recommend our decaffeinated Falso Colombiano capsules as an addition!

Discover three continents from the comfort of your armchair. Discover the flavors of Indonesian, Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees made from 100% Arabica beans. If you also enjoy coffee in the evenings or have a caffeine sensitivity, check out our recommendation at the bottom of the page and order our Falso Colombiano decaffeinated coffee made with natural cane sugar! 

If you also like classic flavors, don't miss our other pack!

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